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Our founder, Maliq, sought out boxing as a personal fitness tool two decades ago. But the hobby quickly turned into a passion through which he can give back to the local community.

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Our facility is designed with boxing training in mind and nothing else. We have a ring, hanging bags, all required equipment and more. Book an appointment to schedule a visit, learn more about our personal training and develop a program that is uniquely tailored for your individual needs.

Boxing is an excellent work out for your fitness but also beneficial to your mental health as well. It teaches focus and concentration which are important aspects of your mental well-being. We teach not only technique but also mental fitness. We focus on the body and the mind.

No matter your experience level, we look forward to meeting with you and discussing how we can work together to get a program developed that sets you up for success.

“Finally, A Gym Culture Where Everyone is Welcome.”

Our programs and individual training sessions are for anyone!

We offer boxing training to peope of all ages, from childhood to late adulthood.

Whether you are just starting out or have been doing boxing training for decades, you are welcome to come join us. You may even be able to teach us a few things.

Our passion is boxing and we love to share it with all who equally enjoy it.

We Have Fun Together!

Our boxing classes engage your body, mind, and spirit by channeling the fundamentals of a true boxer’s workout, adding in a little sweat and a lot of fun!

Our authentic, energizing boxing classes will be the best part of your day, guaranteed!

Real People. Real Results

We are a locally owned and operated boxing fitness training gym, accommodating all ages and experience levels in the Lansdale, Pennsylvania and surrounding area. We have decades of experience at our craft and enjoy sharing it with others.

Our leader, Maliq Harris, has made it his mission to use boxing training to inspire the local kids in the community to stay out of trouble and learn a new, valuable skills. Again, we train the whole body and the mind.


Questions about the workout, the facility, individual sessions, boxing, or training? We got you. Feel free to peruse through our frequently asked questions and their respective answers. You can also book an appointment to schedule a one on one discussion of  your specific needs.

Why boxing?
This question couldn’t have been any easier. Boxing is a great workout, perhaps the most challenging of all sports. Requires speed, agility, finesse, power, endurance, and ultimate mental toughness. Boxing pushes you like no other, pitting the finest and highest level athletes against each other. It’s a sweet science but at the same time also a raw and brutal sport.

More importantly boxing takes you further than you ever thought possible. Boxing makes you more alive than ever, more humble in defeat, and most glorious in victory. Boxing reveals the true fighter deep inside every single one of us.

Do I really have to wrap my hands to box?

Over half of the bones in the human body are in your hands and feet. There are 27 individual bones in your hands alone and your hands aren't that big. That means those bones are small and fragile. Do you really think your hands were made to repeatedly pound into a hard mass of anything? Boxing is all about punching. If you have a broken hand, you can't punch therefore you can't box.

You have to protect your hands by using wraps properly. Granted that some people do not use wraps and only use bag gloves. They are still getting some protection, but I recommend that you always wrap your hands AND use bag gloves when hitting the heavy bag. Just wraps on the speed bag or double end bag is fine. Those bags will give when you hit them - you aren't absorbing the full force of the punch in your hands and forearms.

What are the benefits of boxing?
  • Stress Relief
  • Fat Burning
  • Increased Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Increased Muscle Endurance
  • Improved Strength and Power
  • Improved Coordination & Body Awareness
  • Improved Confidence & Self-Esteem
I've never boxed before, will I be able to keep up?
Absolutely, our workouts are beginner friendly and designed to allow everyone to train at their own pace.
Is boxing good for you?
Boxing is a total body workout – you don’t punch with your arms, you punch with your whole body! A two-for-one cardio and strength workout, and targets your core, arms, hips and legs.
Will I lose weight boxing?

Boxing has proven to be one of the most effective forms of weight loss. The combination of burning calories and gaining muscle directly results in weight loss.

What should I wear?

Any workout attire that makes you feel comfortable is fine. As far as shoes, Most clients wear traditional cross-training shoes (sneakers). Bonus points if you have boxing shoes, but they’re not necessary.


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Gym and Personal & Group Training Sessions are by appointment only. Contact us for availability and schedule.